About us

Joint Stock Company “Transcompany” is a transport company, established in 2007. The main field of activity of the company is the international shipment by the auto-trains of 116 cc (7.80*2.48*2.95 + 7.80*2.48*3.06). All vehicles conform to the safety standards of “EURO 5″, has got the permissions of the European Community, and CEMT permissions. We perform shipment mainly from Lithuania to Europe (Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, France, Finland), and from Europe to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia.

The transport park has the communication devices, tracking system, navigation, therefore, we are able to provide the information to the client on the shipment place at any moment, and to expedite the instructions of the clients. The whole park has been insured by CMR insurance in the reliable insurance company.

The company recruits the reliable and responsible employees, therefore, in case of problems we guarantee the quick solving of them.

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